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Marble - Circuit Bent PS2 by DRUGStm

Marble - Circuit Bent PS2 by DRUGStm

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DRUGStm presents “Marble” - one of their first series of publicly available circuit bent PS2s. "Marble" features the hunter model all-knob design, allowing you to dial in the perfect combination of glitched-out effects. A unique twist on the hunter model design and relocating the audio input jack allows this PS2 to continue to stand tall in the vertical position, whereas all our others lie flat. We've upgraded this one to an SSD with snug 3D printed insert tray to make it easier to move around. The stable, fully playable bent console fuels a nostalgic generative art experience that’s as simple and fun as playing a videogame that simulates being on DRUGStm. Because it does.

Console purchase includes:

  • Invitation to the PolyGon Gang discord & community operated by @drugs_tm
  • One-of-a-kind circuit bent & hydrodipped PS2
  • One OEM PS2 Controller
  • Memory Card with FMCB
  • HDD Dock with 2TB SDD loaded with software
  • Power & AV Cables
  • Fulfillment & shipping by DRUGStm (Ships within one week of 3/20)
  • Support & repairs if anything ever goes wrong
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