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Dragon Ball - Circuit Bent PS2 by DRUGStm

Dragon Ball - Circuit Bent PS2 by DRUGStm

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DRUGStm presents “Dragon Ball” - one of their latest series of publicly available circuit bent PS2s. "Dragon Ball" features the runner model layout with both knobs and buttons, allowing for maximum control and shortcuts to chase the perfect glitched-out effects. This console also features custom drilled Dragonball knobs and a OG Dragon Ball skin from the 00s, adorning this PS2 for decades thanks to an anonymous teenager. We've sealed and lacquered the skin to preserve it, as well as added some gold paint accents to make it Super Saiyan. The stable, fully playable bent console fuels a nostalgic generative art experience that’s as simple and fun as playing a videogame that simulates being on DRUGStm. Because it does.

Console purchase includes:

  • Invitation to the PolyGon Gang discord & community operated by @drugs_tm
  • One-of-a-kind circuit bent & hydrodipped PS2 packed with extra Dragon Ball swag
  • Dragon Ball themed PS2 controller
  • Memory Card with FMCB
  • HDD Dock with 2TB HDD loaded with software
  • Power & AV Cables
  • Fulfillment & shipping by DRUGStm (Ships by the end of April)
  • Support & repairs if anything ever goes wrong
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