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Aquamarine - Circuit Bent PS2 by DRUGStm

Aquamarine - Circuit Bent PS2 by DRUGStm

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DRUGStm presents “Aquamarine” - one of their first series of publicly available circuit bent PS2s. "Aquamarine" is a hunter model all-knob design, allowing you to dial in the perfect combination of glitched out effects. The stable, fully playable bent console fuels a nostalgic generative art experience that’s as simple and fun as playing a videogame that simulates being on DRUGStm. Because it does.

Console purchase includes:

  • Invitation to the PolyGon Gang discord & community operated by @drugs_tm
  • One-of-a-kind circuit bent & hydrodipped PS2
  • One OEM wired PS2 Controller
  • OEM Memory Card with FMCB
  • HDD Dock with 2TB HDD loaded with software
  • Power & AV Cables
  • Fulfillment & shipping by DRUGStm (Ships within a week of 3/20)
  • Support & repairs if anything ever goes wrong
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